Carey Campbell is an electroacoustic music performer, composer, and improviser. His works tend to explore themes of deformation, decay, and destruction as a way of appreciating the accumulation and erosion of layers which make up our physical and psychological present. Carey’s works and improvisations have been heard at the Australasian Computer Music Festival, the Vu Symposium, the Osaka Audio Rocket Festival, SEAMUS, and the New Music Gathering. Carey has composed music for theatre and dance productions at Weber State University, where he is a Professor of Music, and has recently collaborated with visual artists and projectionists. He is originally from Virginia and received a PhD in Musicology from the University of Minnesota. 

Upcoming Events

Partial premiere of my new chamber work This was water with NEXT Ensemble…Feb 10 at 7:30, 25th & Grant in Ogden

Past Events I'm proud of

Campbell/Jonas Duo at Vu in July!!

Campbell/Jonas Duo at NMG in June!!!

Carey solo performance of Stratum.

Accompanying spooky poetry with homemade electronic instruments!

Highlights of my music for Eurydice are on Bandcamp!

Selected Works and Projects

Incidental music for Where Words Once Were by Finegan Kruckemeyer (2017) 

FORM (2018) for live electronics, in collaboration with WSU dancers and sculptors 

RESONANCE (2019) for live electronics, in collaboration with WSU dancers, sculptors, and projectionists 

PBD19 (2019) for fixed-media electronics and video 

Stratum (2019) for live and fixed-media electronics 

Something Old, Something New: Variations on JS Bach’s Partita (2019) for flute, live electronics, and dancers 

Incidental music for Kate Hamill’s stage adaptation of Sense and Sensibility (2019) 

Three Movements (2020) for flute and fixed-media electronics 

Still No Answer (2020) for trumpet, flute, clarinet/cello, and live electronics 

The Birthday of Folly (2021) simultaneous improvisation with live electronics, dancer, and author 

Quiet Places Elude Me (2021) for fixed-media electronics and video

Score for Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice (2022)

Improvised accompaniment for readings of Edgar Allan Poe's "the Raven" and Robert Service's "the Cremation of Sam McGee" (2022) on homemade electronically enhanced instruments. 

Kinetic Sound (2022) score for interactive sound/projection/sculpture installation 

This was water (2023-24) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and electronics